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The travel bug got me early!

At age 8 I went on an extended trip with my grandmother to England from (then) Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). We steamed slowly on a stately old liner from Cape Town, stopping at the Canary Islands. The tour around those volcanic islands fascinated me and even at that young age I wanted to know more. We clip-clopped in a horse-drawn carriage, and the driver didn't even speak English! I determined to learn to understand.

Getting a Brownie Box camera at age 9, opened up another magic window.

I've been travelling ever since, as often as possible. When not on the road, or on the sea, or in the air. I'm recording and writing up the previous trip, and plotting and planning the next voyage, even if it's only an hour's drive away.

Being an ESL teacher has also opened many doors for new travel venues, and some of my students have been wonderful guides, and sometimes hosts.

(All text by Vivienne Mackie---with some great editorial suggestions from Nathalie Mackie.

Most photographs by Vivienne Mackie, some by Rod Mackie and Kevin Mackie)

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